Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Worthy Grand Knights 
Many Councils are now in the process of completing  their annual program reports. 
Attached are four guideline sheets to aid you in determining which programs  fit in each of the four categories 
If you have a council program not assigned to a category please submit it under a category which best suites.  
Life (Culture of Life)
From last year you can see that Council and Youth programs have been molded into the other four programs.
That means you have fewer reports to complete and the content should reflect the programs that you do complete. 
Due to timing and judging of awards  I have had to move the date forward by a few days for receipt to March 27th. That gives you over 5 weeks to complete your reports. 
Any questions please call. me at 709-834-4950
Gary Gallagher SA
State Program Director

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


St. John's East parishes will be presenting our program for Spiritual Renewal for the coming months.  We have a  flyer available outlining the wide variety of programs and  presentations that we will be offering.  In fact, we have over a dozen choices for you to consider, so that you can select what best suits your needs and your schedules.  

No fees.  

Come along, bring a friend or pass the information along to friends and family.  Y

ou can also check the St. Pius X parish web page and the parish app. Finding God in The Unsung Heroes of the Bible - Due to scheduling difficulties, The Unsung Heroes of the Bible sessions at St.  Pius X Church will not be held as planned.

Sunday, 17 February 2019


Youth Perspective on Climate Change
It’s open to all students in NL in grades 8 - 12. Prizes will be offered as shown in three categories. 

Grades 8-9       One prize of $50.00 For best essay
Grades 10 - 11 One prize $100.00 For best essay
Grade 12          One prize $150.00 For best essa
The application form shows the return address of Bro. John Thoms in Bishops Falls.This is done since some entrants may not be aware of their local council but still have the application.  Bro. John will filter the entries. Councils can feel free to add their own return address to save time if they wish to do so.  April 1st is the cut off date.

If more than one person in the same Council in the same category submits an application the local Council will judge and select the best essay (Most points) to be passed to the next level.

Any questions please contact the State Youth Director Bro. John Thoms. 709-258-5291